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3-5 Age
Early years science and art projects for creative, hands-on learning.
BirdsHK$ 255
6-8 Age
Primary school science and art projects allowing children to learn and explore creatively.
DinosaursHK$ 255
9-12 Age
Explore engineering designs and wonderous STEAM inventions.
AutomatonHK$ 255

Meaningful Play

Each Tinkerer box is designed by education experts with reference to the school syllabus to ensure the play is educational.

Quality Content
We work with teachers and parents to develop the content of each box.

100% Fun
Each box is tested by the children to ensure that each box fun and engaging for children.

How to subscribe?

Choose a subscription line that is appropriate for your child's age.Choose the length of the subscription and the language.The first box will be sent out within 3 working days, after which the box will be sent out every month.
During the subscription period, you can switch the line you are subscribed to at any time or cancel the subscription. After the subscription is cancelled, you will receive the rest of your boxes, but the system will no longer automatically renew.

Start immediately, and work with us to improve children's scientific thinking, practical skills and creative literacy!

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